Who is an Athlete?

So the new tagline for the website and my brand is “Fueling every level of athlete.”

But what is the definition of an athlete? According to dictionary.com, an athlete is any “participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.” So really, this includes more people than you may think. Maybe it even includes you!

Performance nutrition is not just for those that are at the highest level of competition. There are a number of areas of activity where nutrition comes into play.

Do you know when you should be eating or what you should be eating based on the types of activity that you do? There are certain types of foods that work better before, during, and after activity. Some types of activity require different meal timing than others.

Do you feel like it takes your body too long to recover from activity? Maybe you’re not properly fueling yourself before or after.

Are you not seeing strength gains? Or not seeing weight loss despite the extra time you’re putting in? You may be under nourishing your body.

Do you feel sick or uncomfortable during activity? You may be eating the wrong things.

Just one example: If your activity of choice is running, and you’re looking to run your first half or full marathon soon, it’s a good idea to know if you’ll need nutrition during your race and what type in order to help your body feel it’s best.

Do you think any of those apply to you? Do you have other questions related to nutrition and activity? Or even how to combine the two to see the best results?

My goal with Hannah RDN is to help the individuals that are active, or want to become more active, lead healthier lifestyles. I’m creating a business around what I know, movement and nutrition.

I’m looking forward to working with EVERY LEVEL of athlete. From those that just exercise a few times a week for health benefits to the professionals who make a living through their physical performances.