Change are Coming!

Hello all and happy hump day!

Some of you may be aware, but a week ago today I passed my RD exam. Basically what that means is now I can officially call my self a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and use all of the knowledge that I’ve been learning over the last few years.

Since I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit (hence this blog and it’s transformation into what is now Abs So Fruitly), I’m taking my RDN credential and running with some new ideas (actually old ideas that are just finally coming to fruition).

Over the course of the next month, Abs So Fruitly will be transitioning to Hannah RDN. A new name, new branding, and shifting focus to work on what I’m passionate about, sports and wellness nutrition.

apple, barbell, dumbbell, Hannah RDN, athlete, measure, measuring tape

While the focus is sports nutrition and athletes, an athlete is any physically active person. If you engage in an active lifestyle, or even wish to work towards a more active lifestyle, you’re included.
If you’re already a current client, no worries, nothing is changing much.

The biggest changes that are coming include a new website (so bear with me while I am changing things here and there yet making sure all content stays available), my main e-mail address is changing (, social media handles will change (but if you’re already following you don’t need to take any action there), and the majority of the services I offer will either be through technology (online, video, phone) or at The Pursuit in Frankenmuth.

I’m incredibly excited to start this journey as an RDN and focus on helping you all in the best way that I know how!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns!