Is Your Path Finite?

I listened to a podcast this week that really got my attention and it was just too good not to share. Ben Bergeron is a well-known coach in the CrossFit community and works with some of the greatest athletes in the world. However, this podcast is applicable to every single person, whether you’re into fitness and CrossFit or not.

The name of this podcast is Chasing Excellence and the title of the episode I’m sharing is “Embrace the Chase.” While I won’t give away all of the good stuff because I want you to listen, I’ll give you some of the general ideas.

First of all, success is an illusion. What are we really working towards? An example they use in the podcast is, what if 30 years from now they’ve figured out how to extend our lives by many years but we’ve been planning on just being “done” or having no plans past 65 years old? Then what do we do?

The idea is to continuously improve. The way to live a fulfilling life is to live in the moment and stop looking ahead to what could be in the future or looking for “endpoints.” I’m guilty of this. I’ve been in school for so long and the only thing I’ve been thinking about the whole time is being done and what I’ll do when I’m graduated and have a job. In reality, I have a solid two months of life to live between now and the time I take my RD exam and get a job. Of course I will have to spend time studying, but there’s so much time to enjoy the experience from now until then.

I feel like too many of this do this often though. Always looking forward to the next thing when the real growth and progress comes from the journey itself.

“Honor the spot you’re in. Do what you can, with what you have, for where you are in this moment.” - Ben Bergeron