Slow metabolism?

Do you blame your plateaus and lack of further weight loss on your slow metabolism?

That has to be it, right? Maybe you just aren’t gifted with the fast metabolism that others have…

I hear this quite a bit, whether it be from clients or just in passing, I feel like most of the general population is convinced that their metabolism is slower than it should be. I’ve even been guilty of this!

I went and got my RMR (resting metabolic rate), how much energy you burn at rest, tested on Saturday at DexaFit in Madison Heights. Basically, what happens is you sit in a chair, get comfy, and relax while you have a mask strapped to your head measuring the gases you inhale and exhale for 15-20 minutes. Sounds crazy, but it’s super cool!

From this testing, I actually learned that my metabolism is FASTER than normal. In fact, about 14% faster than the predictive equation used. Talking to the woman that performed my testing that day, she says that so many people come in assuming that their metabolism is slow, but in reality they have a what would be considered a normal or average metabolic rate.

So, what’s the problem? Why do we feel like we’re not making progress. There are a few factors that come to mind.

Do you know what your estimated metabolic rate is to know how much you should be eating? This goes both ways; eating too much or not enough!

Have you ever tracked, I mean HONESTLY tracked, your intake over the course of a week or more?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you drinking enough water?

Are you active throughout the day?

All of these things can contribute to lack of changes in weight and body composition.

So, first things first. Know what your individualized needs are. If you’re not up for the RMR testing I mentioned above, at least use a predictive equation or have a professional help you determine your needs. Then actually use that data. Track what you’re eating and be diligent. Weigh and measure. Track what you drink. Even those bites here and there can add up. By no means should you have this consume your life forever, but if you’re trying to get to the bottom of issues with weight loss, this is the most direct approach!

For competitive athletes, I highly recommend more definitive measures than simply a predictive equation to determine your needs. Increased muscle mass can cause metabolism to be faster than predicted but the nature of some sports, like weight cutting, can cause the metabolism to actually slow.

Want to dig deeper and see where your metabolism falls and get some solid data on your body? Check out DexaFit and contact me to learn more about getting a discount on your testing! From there, let me help you decipher the data and put it into play!