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The Performance Plate

What you eat is just as important to your training regimen as the workout you have planned for the day. This applies to everyone; recreational exercisers to elite athletes.

Not only is it important to choose the right foods but also the right amounts of each depending on where you're at in your training cycle. The goal is to make your plate reflect the day's training.

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Nutrition Education Online - NOW AVAILABLE!

Hey all!

A few months back I posted about a nutrition course that I was offering in the office that I work in. The feedback I got from that was that I needed to do another session, in the fall, when people were less busy. Well, being that I'll be officially starting my masters program in just a few short weeks, fall is not exactly the most ideal time for me to be taking on extra projects. That doesn't mean I gave up on the idea entirely though! I had the equipment, and a few extra hours, to be able record and upload all of the content that I presented during the six-week course. 

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The Basics - Getting Familiar with Nutrition


Last week I held my first nutrition education session, and last night the second. Two down, four to go (but it's not too late for you to join us! ;) )

I am actually having fun going through all of my resources, preparing, and teaching these classes. Based on my love for spreading information about health, and a client request, today's post is going to include my PowerPoint from the class as well as my notes, or anything that I emphasized.

If this content interests you consider coming to a class or I may even record my classes or make PowerPoints with audio available for those that can't attend classes. Please, please, PLEASE, let me know your opinions. :)

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Nutrition Education Coming to Caro!
Food Focus #2: Grains
A Better Breakfast